Fire Rating May 17th 2017

Well thankfully we received enough rain and cooler temps the rating has dropped to Low , for now. Green up is coming in nicely now and things are looking good for back country travel. Please keep in mind that with the predicted forecast for this weekend ( May long ) there is a warmer dry […]


Fire Rating High

Fire Rating May 15th 2017

Well we are back into the high range again. With this hot dry weather and 30-50 km winds as of late it didn’t take long for the rating to jump up. Hopefully with the predicted rains coming it will drop the rating down to moderate. Please be mindful folks when it the back country.   […]

Fire Rating May 10 2017

The latest fire rating in the Sandilands Provincial Forest is now dropped to moderate. Thankfully due to the higher humidity over nights and some minor rain fall the rating has dropped from High to Moderate. Green up is now starting to really kick in which is a good thing, but please be mindful when travelling […]


Fire Rating High

Fire Rating May 5th 2017

Here is the latest fire rating for the Sandilands Provincial Forest . With the recent warmer temperatures and steadily winds conditions have dried out pretty. The Provincial Fire Fighters based out of the Marchand Park now have 2 Tac Crews on standby and they have also called in a helicopter to be based out of […]

Fire Rating May 3 2017

Here is the current fire rating for the Sandilands area. Green up is starting now but please use caution when travelling in the back country . With the dry and warmer temps forecasted the week and weekend i can see the rating being moved up to the next level.   Thanks   Sandhogs Exec


IMG_0994 (2)

Trail Conditions May 3 2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is open and clear of deadfall again and in over all good shape. There are some low spots where spring run off have left them a bit muddy , but currently are passable. The club will be out during this month to address some of those spots and do repairs as […]

Fire Conditions Apr 16/2017

Here is the most recent fire rating posted for the Sandilands Provincial Forest. Hopefully with todays rain the fire rating will drop back to low. Please use caution still folks.   Thanks   Sandhogs Exec



RCMP Enforcement on ORV’s

Enforcement of the Off Road Vehicles Act 2017 Off-Road Vehicle Operating Season Jurisdiction of the RM of Piney In an effort towards ensuring the safe and enjoyable use of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) within the RM of Piney, we would like to bring to the attention of all operators of ORViSsome key provisions of the […]

Trail Conditions Apr 16/2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is fully open and in good condition. There are still some pockets of standing water in some low spots so please use caution there. Also with todays forecast of high winds 50 to 70 km hr we would expect to see some new dead fall on the trail by tomorrow so […]

IMG_0994 (2)

IMG_0994 (2)

Trail Conditions Mar 27/17

Well with the warmer weather apon us many people have been out to get the first few miles on their ORV’s. At this time we would like to inform riders that the Little Bigfoot Trail is not officially opened or being maintained at this time , but our members will be out in the next […]