Fire Conditions Apr 16/2017

Here is the most recent fire rating posted for the Sandilands Provincial Forest. Hopefully with todays rain the fire rating will drop back to low. Please use caution still folks.   Thanks   Sandhogs Exec



RCMP Enforcement on ORV’s

Enforcement of the Off Road Vehicles Act 2017 Off-Road Vehicle Operating Season Jurisdiction of the RM of Piney In an effort towards ensuring the safe and enjoyable use of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) within the RM of Piney, we would like to bring to the attention of all operators of ORViSsome key provisions of the […]

Trail Conditions Apr 16/2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is fully open and in good condition. There are still some pockets of standing water in some low spots so please use caution there. Also with todays forecast of high winds 50 to 70 km hr we would expect to see some new dead fall on the trail by tomorrow so […]

IMG_0994 (2)

IMG_0994 (2)

Trail Conditions Mar 27/17

Well with the warmer weather apon us many people have been out to get the first few miles on their ORV’s. At this time we would like to inform riders that the Little Bigfoot Trail is not officially opened or being maintained at this time , but our members will be out in the next […]

Forest Invasive Species Campaign

March 27, 2017 PROVINCE UNVEILS FOREST INVASIVE SPECIES CAMPAIGN – – – Protect Manitoba Trees, Don’t Move Firewood:  Cox The Manitoba government continues to reach out to the public and encourage them to help protect the environment with the launch of a new forest invasive species awareness campaign, Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox announced today. […]



AtvMb Partnering with Satva

Partnering for the future of ATVing National ATV News ATVMB and SATVA have started collaborating in order to better serve their members RIDERSWEST by Karen Kornelsen | Manitoba and Saskatchewan have a lot in common, including terrain.— Photo courtesy Con Huberdeau Manitoba and Saskatchewan have a lot in common, especially when it comes to ATVing. […]

Use Caution on water ways and ditches

RCMP Encourage Safety On Lakes And Rivers DetailsPublished: Friday, 24 February 2017 16:52 Written by Kenton Dyck Category: Local News Slush build up on top of lake ice The RCMP are encouraging Manitobans to take safety precautions when going out onto lake and river ice after the stint of warm February weather we are coming […]



Ice breaking on the Red River

February 22, 2017 PROVINCE ADVISES RIVER USERS TO BE AWARE AS ICE CUTTERS, AMPHIBEX ICEBREAKERS BEGIN WORK ON THE NORTH RED RIVER Manitoba Infrastructure reminds river users to observe warning signs and stay clear of equipment as ice-cutting machines and icebreakers take to the north Red River between Netley Creek and Netley Lake north of […]

AtvMb Annual AGM , Mar 18th

2017_AGM_Agenda < Click here to print agenda >   ATVMB Annual General Meeting Posted on: Thursday February 16, 2017 – 10:47 am CST The All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba will host their 2017 Annual General Meeting on Saturday, March 18th, at the Victoria Beach Community Centre (Sports Club), Victoria Beach Manitoba, starting at 1 p.m. […]



911 Service Increases Accessibility

Here is a service that may help some of riders as I have meet a group of avid atv riders who are hearing impaired in the past . With the added cell service in the area and in some locations you can only get enough service to text , this service may help a person in […]