UPDATE 5 PM Fire Rating June 4/20

There is an UPDATE with our current Fire Rating for our area. This morning it was at HIGH and it has now moved the EXTREME. With todays strong winds and hot dry weather conditions have changed quickly.

At this time we would suggest any back country travel plans be postponed till conditions improve or we get some substantial rains to low the fire hazard.

Thanks , Sandhogs Exec

JUNE 4th 10 am. The current fire rating for Sandilands Provincial forest at the Marchand park is now at HIGH. If you plan to be in the back country please be mindful of your actions and use caution. Check your exhaust system frequently checking for debris that could fall off and cause a fire.

We do need rains in our area as the last few days have been hot and dry , and todays forecast is calling for gusty winds and hot temperatures. The long range forecast is calling for rains Sunday and Monday, hopefully.

Take care riding folks.


Sandhogs Exec