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Municipal Fire Bans Apr25/19

Well it is that time of the year again and we have several local municipalities that have imposed fire bans with varying degrees of restrictions. Please contact your local municipal office to find out the restrictions for your area. List so far is RM of St.Anne RM of Hanover RM of Renyolds RM of La […]

Fire Rating Apr 25/19

The fire rating posted on Apr 25/19 for Sandilands Provincial forest is now at HIGH. Please use caution when in the back country and check the exhaust systems several times. Also please stay out of the tall dry grass and near wetland areas. The future forecasts don’t have alot of rains and green up is […]

Fire Rating May 23/18

  Thankfully due to the rains last week our rating dropped from EXTREME to Moderate but now sits again at HIGH as of May 23rd. Hopefully we will receive some additional rains the next few days as our weather has been very hot and dry as of late. The forecast for the next several days […]

Fire Bulletin #3 May 18/18

May 18, 2018 FIRE BULLETIN #3 Manitoba Sustainable Development advises that recent rains and an improved weather forecast has allowed some burning restrictions to be lifted in southeast Manitoba, while some other restrictions still remain due to the high risk of fires. For the eastern region, from PR 302 to the Ontario border and from […]

Fire Rating May 14/18 EXTREME

  The fire rating is still at EXTREME . With this dry spell we are in all of the southern half of MB it is obviously very tinder dry out there and people should not venture out in the back country. Several forest fires and bush fires have started in the past few weeks stretching […]

Update from Sustainable Development May 8/18

MCOA · 23 hrs · May 8, 2018 -Increased fire and travel restrictions implemented- Manitoba Sustainable Development advises a number of additional travel restrictions have been put into place and burning permits are cancelled for the western, eastern and central regions of Manitoba due to dry, windy conditionsand the high risk of fires. … Travel […]

Fire Rating May 7/18 EXTREME

Well with this dry weather and no rains the fire rating has been raised back to EXTREME. The is a level 1 Back Country Travel Restriction in place which means no travel between 8am to 8pm. There is also a total fire ban in place in most RM’s in the south east . At this […]


The sign I think says it all.   thanks   Sandhogs Exec

Fire Rating Apr 25/18 Sandilands Forest

Well that time of the year again. Drove by this morning and no sign up and now it is posted as VERY HIGH . They have started to do helicopter patrols as well starting today and there is a second TAC crew at the Marchand Ranger Station . With the dry conditions and no real […]

Current Fire Bans Apr 18/18 UPDATE APR 23

Well that time of year again, and more RM’s are placing fire bans in their municipalities. We finally get warm weather but it is amazingly dry out there with little rains in the forecast and green up still far off. Please check with your local municipality and any bans that maybe in place. Also if […]