RCMP Enforcement on ORV’s

Enforcement of the Off Road Vehicles Act
2017 Off-Road Vehicle Operating Season
Jurisdiction of the RM of Piney In an effort towards ensuring the safe and enjoyable use of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) within the RM of Piney, we would like to bring to the attention of all operators of ORViSsome key provisions of the law as it relates to the safe use of these pleasure vehicles. Sec. 3(a)(i) Operate unregistered ORV – $175.30 Fine. Sec. 21(c) Fail to display a valid registration plate (~~ :-_-. – $113.10 Fine. Sec. 26(2) As the owner, permit an unsupervised person under 14 years of age to operate ORV – $143.75 Fine. Sec. 26(3) Operate ORV without a valid driver’s licence – CourtAppearance. Sec. 28(1) Fail to wear helmet – $175.30 Fine. Sec. 29(1) Fail to wear seat belt – $175.30 Fine. Sec. 31 Operate an ORV carelessly – Court Appearance. Sec. 31.1 Drive Imprudently – $203.80 Fine.
~ Operate an ORV on or ac~o~sa roadway or shoulder- $113.10 Fine
(Must not drive down the shoulder or on a roadway). Sec. 35(11 Operate an ORV directly across a roadway and shoulder without a valid driver’s licence – Court Appearance. **
** Authority to cross a’ roadway and shoulder: ~ ‘A person may operate an off-road vehicle’ d’irectly across a roadway or shoulder . . ” ., . (a) at or within 5 m of an intersection, unless prohibited by the traffic authority; (b) at any other place along the highway if the distance to the nearest intersection
_., I .•. is 3 km or more, unless prohibited by the traffic authority; (c) at any place designated by the traffic authority as a place on the highway where off-road vehicles may cross a roadway and shoulder; or • (d) along any highway or portion thereof where the traffic authority has permitted off-roa~ vehicl~s to.crqss without regard to location.
Itis the contravention of these sections of the ORVA that
appear to be the source of legitimate and growing concern for
the safety and well-being of both ORV operators and
community members alike. “, .;
Let this notice act as fair warning that violators of these safety
related provisions of the ORVA ,will be subject of stepped up
enforcement measures this 2017 riding season.
Sprgaue RCMP Detachment