Trail conditions Aug 31 2017

Currently the Little Bigfoot Trail is in good overall condition and is clear of any hazards. Due to the dry summer we have had some areas dry up very well and a few areas where soft spots off sandy soil that have appeared. We hope to address these areas before the season is over. It is very dry and dusty on the trail so please be mindful of visibility in seeing on coming traffic.

There are also 2 spots along the trail where active logging is in progress , they are mainly along the north west side of our trail  near FG 20 and Hwy 210 and between FG 17 and the Steel Hydro Lines. There is additional signage where logging routes are being used and where they are cutting , but these areas can change daily so please watch for heavy equipment as they are using FG 20 and FG17 as main logging truck routes.

Ride safe , and have fun.

Sandhogs Exec.