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Trail Conditions June 1 2017

The Little Bigfoot trail is in good condition and clear of all downed trees at this time. There a few areas that we will get out soon to do some general trail repairs/ grooming. At this time all the tree planting near or along our trail is now completed and no other tree planting is […]

Trail Conditions May 3 2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is open and clear of deadfall again and in over all good shape. There are some low spots where spring run off have left them a bit muddy , but currently are passable. The club will be out during this month to address some of those spots and do repairs as […]

Trail Conditions Apr 16/2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is fully open and in good condition. There are still some pockets of standing water in some low spots so please use caution there. Also with todays forecast of high winds 50 to 70 km hr we would expect to see some new dead fall on the trail by tomorrow so […]

Trail Conditions Mar 27/17

Well with the warmer weather apon us many people have been out to get the first few miles on their ORV’s. At this time we would like to inform riders that the Little Bigfoot Trail is not officially opened or being maintained at this time , but our members will be out in the next […]

Trail Conditions Dec 14th 2016

Well this is the final trail conditions report for the year and as everyone can see with the recent snow and now colder temperatures the atv season is pretty much over. The trails how ever are open and clear and if riders wish to venture please do so with caution and hazards maybe under the […]

Trail Conditions Oct 4th 2016

The trail as of Monday Oct 3rd was clear and clean of hazards. With the weather as of late , storm winds and rains forecasted for the next few days we would anticipate additional trees down along the trail so please use caution when riding. We will be out as soon as weather permits to […]

Trail Conditions Sept15 2016

The trails are in good  to very good shape with some rough spots in areas , trail grooming / trail repairs will begin shortly in those areas. The new section of trail on the west side loop near the town of Sandilands will be open in the next week and changes to the trail will be signed […]

Trail Conditions Aug 12 2016

The trail is currently clear of any hazards and safe to ride , again trail conditions can and do change daily so please be aware of possible hazards and on coming traffic. There is a water hole on the east side of our trail near fire guard 17 and the hydro steel line. The water […]

Trail Conditions July 27th

The trail has been cleared of trees again , which is a on going issue so please be mindful that the trail conditions can and do change daily. The washout on the old rail bed close to the town of Woodridge should be hopefully repaired be the long weekend and the detour taking down , […]

Trail Conditions July 5 2016

The trail has had a few issues with all this rain as of late and detours or repairs have been under way . The trail is fully passable as 2 of the water issues have been dealt with ,and on the west side of our trail detours are in place where a section of old […]