Current Fire Bans Apr 18/18 UPDATE APR 23

Well that time of year again, and more RM’s are placing fire bans in their municipalities. We finally get warm weather but it is amazingly dry out there with little rains in the forecast and green up still far off. Please check with your local municipality and any bans that maybe in place. Also if your in the back country please use caution as well , that mud hole maybe look fun but the dry grass around it can ignite very easy with the debris from an exhaust , and the lakes are still frozen so water bombers can not come to the rescue.

RM of Richot

RM of St Anne

RM of Tache

RM of Hanover

RM of De Salaberry

RM of Stuartburn

RM of La Broquerie

RM of Reynolds

RM of Emerson – Franklin

RM of Piney as of Apr 23rd is on the fire ban list now.

Tonight the RM of Piney has a counsel meeting and a fire ban is on the agenda so I would expect they will join the list as well.


Ride safe folks.

Sandhogs Exec