Monthly Archives: April 2017

Fire Conditions Apr 16/2017

Here is the most recent fire rating posted for the Sandilands Provincial Forest. Hopefully with todays rain the fire rating will drop back to low. Please use caution still folks.   Thanks   Sandhogs Exec

RCMP Enforcement on ORV’s

Enforcement of the Off Road Vehicles Act 2017 Off-Road Vehicle Operating Season Jurisdiction of the RM of Piney In an effort towards ensuring the safe and enjoyable use of Off Road Vehicles (ORV’s) within the RM of Piney, we would like to bring to the attention of all operators of ORViSsome key provisions of the […]

Trail Conditions Apr 16/2017

The Little Bigfoot Trail is fully open and in good condition. There are still some pockets of standing water in some low spots so please use caution there. Also with todays forecast of high winds 50 to 70 km hr we would expect to see some new dead fall on the trail by tomorrow so […]