Fire Rating June 8/20

Well thankfully with the recent rains we have our rating dropped to LOW now. Unfortunately we received about 120 mm yesterday and expecting another 30 to 40 mm today. Good for the fire rating but bad for the flooding and road washouts. Please read recent trail conditions update for more information. Thanks Sandhogs Exec.

Trail Conditions/Caution June 8/20

Hi folks Well with the recent rains we received over the last 24 hrs ( 120 mm) it will most likely cause havoc to our trial system. We are expected to see another 30 to 40 mm today as well. We have several roads washed out, trees down and a local State of Emergency for […]

Trail Caution June 4/20

Just a reminder to our riders to use caution and slow down on a section of our trail. An area along the East Ridge trail between FG 20 and Km marker 40 ,it is currently being used by Provincal firefighters to access a recent fire in the area. The area circled on the attached map […]

UPDATE 5 PM Fire Rating June 4/20

There is an UPDATE with our current Fire Rating for our area. This morning it was at HIGH and it has now moved the EXTREME. With todays strong winds and hot dry weather conditions have changed quickly. At this time we would suggest any back country travel plans be postponed till conditions improve or we […]

Trail Conditions May 27/20

The current trail conditions are good to very good currently. We have a few spots with water that we normally would have none but there are ways are around the holes. There are some finger washouts on the hills along Fire guard 15, 16 and 20 to be mindful of, they are marked out. Repairs […]

Fire Rating May 27/20

Our current Fire Rating is at Low which is very good as last week on May 19th it was at Extreme. Thankfully with some humid nights and some timely rains our rating has dropped to Low. Please check your local municipalities to see if any burn bans are in effect as well, some RM’s have […]

Municipal Fire Bans Apr25/19

Well it is that time of the year again and we have several local municipalities that have imposed fire bans with varying degrees of restrictions. Please contact your local municipal office to find out the restrictions for your area. List so far is RM of St.Anne RM of Hanover RM of Renyolds RM of La […]

Fire Rating Apr 25/19

The fire rating posted on Apr 25/19 for Sandilands Provincial forest is now at HIGH. Please use caution when in the back country and check the exhaust systems several times. Also please stay out of the tall dry grass and near wetland areas. The future forecasts don’t have alot of rains and green up is […]

Adult&Teen Challenge Ride for Hope Sept 29/18

Please check out the upcoming event hosted by Adult and Teen Challenge this Sept and help support a great cause. Everyone who registers before September 1st gets entered into draw for new Husquvrna 450 Chainsaw.   Facebook link Website link Thanks Sandhogs Exec

Fire Rating May 23/18

  Thankfully due to the rains last week our rating dropped from EXTREME to Moderate but now sits again at HIGH as of May 23rd. Hopefully we will receive some additional rains the next few days as our weather has been very hot and dry as of late. The forecast for the next several days […]