ATVMB Code of Conduct

Woodridge Sandhogs Club Ride

Upon membership into the All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba (ATVMB) and as a member in good standing, member clubs and members of said club will abide by the following code of conduct:

ATVMB Members shall conduct all club business in a professional manner as well as maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.

ATVMB Members will obey all federal, provincial and municipal laws regulating the operation of ATVs.

ATVMB Members will ensure that all necessary permits are obtained for Club events.

ATVMB Members shall, at all times, refrain from making any statement or conducting themselves in any manner which may bring discredit to the Association or other members of the Association.

ATVMB Members shall hold confidential any privileged information entrusted or made known and shall not disclose this information, without permission, to any third party except as required by law.

ATVMB Members will support responsible, environmentally conscious conduct and will make every effort to influence other ATV owners to do the same.

ATVMB Members will, at all times, respect the property and rights of anyone they may have contact with while being actively involved in their sport.

ATVMB Members will make every effort to provide support when encountering someone in distress and will provide assistance in emergency situations.

ATVMB Members will respect the rights of other trail users and yield right of way to non-motorized trail activity.

ATVMB Members will respect wildlife as well as protected or sensitive areas that may be encountered.

ATVMB Members will strive to use areas that are open to ATV use and will not travel where prohibited.

ATVMB Members will be environmentally conscious, will not litter and will take out anything that is brought in.

ATVMB Members will obtain the appropriate training, education and information related to the safe operation of their vehicle.

Members of the All Terrain Vehicle Association of Manitoba found to be in violation of the above code of conduct will risk the possibility of having their membership and privileges suspended or revoked at the discretion of the Association Executive.

This Code of Conduct binds not only Club Executive but also binds all members/staff of an accredited ATVMB Club.