Economic Impacts of Atv’s + SxS’s

There a report out from our national association ( COHV ) which they did on the economic impact of ORV’s for 2015. It is an interesting read , you can down load the report via the AtvMb website below.


COHV Report – 2015 Total Economic Impacts of ATVs and SxS
The Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council has released an Economic Impact Study documenting the economic impact of ATVs and SxSs for the country during the year of 2015, with provincial breakdowns included. You can go to for a download copy.


A few interesting statistics related to Manitoba:


Estimated minimum number of machines operated: 27681 ATVs and 11,508 SxSs

Investments in ATVs and SxSs: $46 to $47 million

Operating Expenditures by ATVs and SxSs: $196 to $232 million

Combined direct investment and direct operating expenditure: $242 to $279 million

Direct and indirect domestic expenditures: $230 to $252 million

Direct and indirect GDP (including labour force income): $72 to $83 million

Tax revenues as a result of ATV and SxS expenditures: $63 to $69 million

Employment generation: 1740 to 2021 FTEs.


The report has much more detail on these figures, but it is clear that the sport has a considerable positive impact on Manitoba’s economy. We encourage you to download and peruse this report!