Logging Operations on LBT 2018

flat,800x800,070,f_u32018 Logging Operations < click here for map


We have prepared a map of some current logging operations and line of travel along sections of the Little Bigfoot Trail . Logging is currently under way on the west side of the trail , and they are starting on FG 20 just north of FG 15 and heading west to PR 404. The line of travel of the logging trucks will be as follows. From Hwy 210 the trucks will head south on FG 20 , load up near FG 15 . From there most of the truck will head east on FG 15 to FG 31 and then head north on FG 31 to Hwy #1. As the operation gets closer to PR 404 the trucks will head west on FG 15 to PR 404 then north to Hwy 210 and travel on FG 19 to FG 31 . Please note that both FG 19 and FG 31 are roads where the Eastman Trail travels along as well.


Please use caution in these areas.



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