Trail Conditions/Caution June 8/20

Hi folks

Well with the recent rains we received over the last 24 hrs ( 120 mm) it will most likely cause havoc to our trial system. We are expected to see another 30 to 40 mm today as well. We have several roads washed out, trees down and a local State of Emergency for our neighboring RM of Stuartburn. There will also be plenty of standing water on the trail where the levels are very deep to impassable.

We hope to get out soon to assess the trail and mark the hazards and start making a repair work list. Expect to see finger wash outs on the hills and trees across the trail so please use caution.

Also check the Highways 511 and local RM websites to see what roads are open or not as our access to Woodridge is currently restricted to get to town. Crews are working as best as they can but this will take awhile folks.

Ride safe and take care


Sandhogs Exec.